About Us

CuriPow is a platform that lets your curiosity empower you with a short untold story each day on the diversity of history through cultural identity and heritage (also known as interculturalism). Studies show that cultural identity is an important contributor to a person's well being and having a strong sense of your culture builds a positive attitude that fosters self-esteem as well as the ability to excel in life. All of our CuriShorts are initially researched and curated from The Library of Congress in Washington, DC. U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Founder, Brian Galvin shares what inspired him to create CuriPow. 

Here's what our users are saying about CuriPow: 

Sarah: "I'm so glad this platform exist! They have a rich database of short stories that I would not have heard about anywhere else."

Anthony: "I share these stories with my kids and they tell their teachers about them in class. There's always something new and interesting to learn every day with CuriPow." 

Maureen: "Finally, a social platform that has something to keep you engaged and start a real conversation about the diversity of our country."

Maria: "The shorts are great for sharing with friends at dinner parties and they're always blown away, I had never even heard of Juan Crow before CuriPow."



We created CuriPow using PWAs (progressive web apps) and this will allow you to enjoy it on your smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet or computer.

Our goal was to make it easy for everyone to have access to our platform and share it with friends and family, so join us on this journey and discover why we're considered to be one of the fastest-growing platforms today serving the voices of the unheard. Read, Listen, Share.


How to add CuriPow to your smartphone home screen


For Android Devices Open www.curipow.com in Chrome for Android.

Tap the menu button next to the address bar, and select "Add to Home screen".


For iOS Devices Open www.curipow.com in Safari (iPhone or iPad).

Tap the share button at the bottom of the screen, and select "Add to Home screen".