Broad Appeal

Broad Appeal

Written on 01/02/2022

Dolores Del Río was a Mexican star actress who is considered a pioneer and an iconic figure for bringing about the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. She is the first major Mexican actress to feature in Hollywood productions, thus, giving her that international appeal. She is one of the most famous women of the twentieth century and also one of the most beautiful faces to ever grace the silver screen.

Unlike some who go all out to discover their talents, it can be said in the case of Dolores Del Río that her talent discovered her. She was spotted by film director Edwin Carewe while performing (a dance tango) at an event her family had organized for family and friends. Her interest was initially in dancing but the director convinced her to try acting as it was fitting for her beauty. He said he saw a movie star in the making and offered her a role in his upcoming film titled Joanna (1925). Determined to further pursue her dreams and become a movie star, she decided to move to Hollywood from Durango, Mexico. 

Notwithstanding her success on the international scene, Dolores Del Río experienced some setbacks as a result of cultural discrimination. This was coupled with her Hispanic accent, which came into reckoning as the film industry slowly transitioned from the era of silent films to that of ‘speaking’ films in 1928. This changed the tide for her as roles were designed with Hollywood clichéd ideas of ethnic minorities in mind.

Del Río’s acting career saw her become the first in many aspects in the entertainment industry. She was a pacesetter in her career and paved the way for other Latino actresses to succeed in foreign film industries today.

"Beauty does not come with creams and lotions. God can give us beauty, but whether that beauty remains or changes is determined by our thoughts and deeds."

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