From Calcutta to Colonel

From Calcutta to Colonel

Written on 07/27/2022

Pashupati Joseph Sarma was born on September 29, 1893, in Calcutta, British India. He arrived in the New York City on June 28, 1912, at age of 20 from Liverpool, England on the ship Mauretania.  Sarma settled down in Chicago, Illinois where he becomes a general medical surgeon in the city.

He registered for the U.S. military on June 5, 1917. According to the book History of Medicine and Surgery and Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago by the Chicago Medical Society. Sarma enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War I and joined the Medical Corps and rose to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. 

Sarma served again during World War II,  with the U.S. Army Medical Corps and after many years of dedicated service attained the rank of Colonel.  

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