Activist, Writer, Artist, and Controversialist

Activist, Writer, Artist, and Controversialist

Written on 09/20/2022

Born LeRoi Jones, Imamu Amiri Baraka changed his name after becoming a Muslim. Baraka is a poet, playwright, essayist, political activist, and founder of the Black Arts Repertory Theater in New York.

With the beginning of Black Civil Rights Movements during the sixties, Baraka explored the anger of African-Americans and used his writings as a weapon against racism. Also, he advocated scientific socialism with his revolutionary inclined poems and aimed at creating aesthetic through them.

Amiri Baraka’s writing career spans over nearly fifty years and has mostly focused on the subjects of Black Liberation and White Racism. Today, a number of well-known poems, short stories, plays, and commentaries on society, music, and literature are associated with his name. A few of the famous ones include, ‘The Music: Reflection on Jazz and Blues, ‘The Book of Monk’ and New Music New Poetry’ among others.

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